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Meet Micki Blendz, a dynamic DJ and Music Curator whose journey began amidst

the vibrant culture of North Carolina A&T State University, Since those formative

years, Micki's passion for music has evolved into a thriving career that spans

across various artistic realms.


With an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations with esteemed names

like the NFL, Red Bull, and the American Heart Association, Micki has solidified

her position as a sought-after curator of unforgettable sonic experiences.


Recognized as "The Curator of Quality Vibes,

" Micki blends genres effortlessly,

crafting immersive atmospheres that captivate audiences and leave a lasting

impression. Guided by her own unique vision and unwavering commitment to

excellence, Micki sets the tone with an unparalleled blend of skill, style, and

innovation. Get ready to experience music on a whole new level with Micki


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